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I am honored to have been elected to serve as your new President of the India Chapter  of STC.  I am taking over as President from Michelle Cherian who has served in this capacity last year. A special thanks goes out to the previous administrative council and the volunteers for their  outstanding services on behalf of STC in 2010.

We have started chapter activities for 2011 in most of the cities. By the time you read this message, we will have  organized a UX session on Accessibility, a  one-day workshop on Writing and Editing,  a Strategy Games Workshop, among other events. The STC India Chapter also celebrates this year as the year of collaboration in technical  writing and is working with fellow non-profit groups to foster technical communication in diverse areas.

Meet the STC India Chapter officers and volunteers for 2011. Click here to get the full list.

Results from a survey we conducted end of late year tells us that Chennai is the chosen location for our 13th STC India Annual Conference, and we are counting on you to make it a success. We have a huge group  of extremely enthusiastic volunteers and I  am sure we are going to be able to host a wonderful conference this year.

We are still fighting to bring down the membership fees with small wins at present, and hope to bring it down further in the future. Meanwhile, we will continue to keep the STC India Conferences and sessions free for our STC India members and volunteers. Others can attend these sessions by paying a minimal amount.

We are pleased to introduce WebEx sessions to our non-local attendees for  sessions and workshops. This encourages writers from host cities to attend in person as well as to attend the sessions virtually. All this has been possible due to Technowrites who has allowed the STC  India Chapter to use their facility for the  sessions. A couple of cities have already  used this service and the feedback is that  it should spread across every city so  that more people can participate.

We are organizing our first STC India Summit on the  May 7-8 at the Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore.  Given the quality of our conference proceedings, I have full confidence that this Summit will be rich in terms of knowledge sharing and will be a success. The theme of the event  is “Collaboration and reaching beyond your  profession –  How STC India can Empower  your Knowledge & Drive Technical  Communication”. The purpose behind this Summit is the following:

  • Develop and distribute more conference proceedings to Indian  technical communicators apart from our regular annual conferences.
  • Partner with various non-profit and voluntary groups aimed at spreading technical communication in the world.
  • Collaborate and promote Indian technical writers in a global platform.
  • Provide companies with a forum to exhibit  their products in Bangalore.

Lastly, I congratulate the previous INDUS team  for their excellent work with Indus and am  sure that the new team will continue the  good work.

– Rajdeep Gupta

Rajdeep is the President and Sponsorship Manager for the STC India Chapter. You can write to him at president@stc-india.org.

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