Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter

Vol XIII, Issue 1

EditorialIt’s a new year and we are extremely pleased to bring you the first edition of Indus for 2011. A new year is about beginnings and resolutions for most of us. We look forward to growing, learning and progressing in some way in our lives and careers. We hope Indus helps you on the way in some of these aspects.

A new series Experts Ignite brings you vision and information from experts who are in the forefront of their fields. This edition features Scott Weiss on user experience design.

Sandhya and Gopal introduce us to Translation and Localization as a related and alternate career path for technical writers.

Irma Humby shares her perspective and learnings from managing cross cultural and distance-located documentation teams.

How to grab your reader under sixty seconds is discussed by Anindita Basu.

Expanding your knowledge on RoboHelp and mastering the tool is detailed by Nandini and Samartha.

Bindu Nayar’s article talks about the process of adopting the Wideband Delphi method for estimating documentation effort.

Catch STC news, events, and announcements for 2011 here.

The message from the STC India Chapter President, Rajdeep Gupta, is here.

We hope you enjoy this edition and show your support to the newly constituted STC India Chapter team, newsletter team and all representatives, who have worked hard to start 2011 on a bright note for this chapter!

Anupama Gummaraju and Sreeraj Nair

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