May 2016 Issue

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    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to first edition of Indus for 2016!

    This edition includes a good mix of articles from various areas of Technical Communication. We hope these articles help you put on your thinking hats and inspire you to explore the fascinating area of technical communication. So sit back and enjoy a dip in the knowledge pool!

    • We have the new dynamic Admin Council for 2016 ready to take STC India to greater heights. Mak gives us a brief overview of what the Council plans to achieve this year in Prez Talks.
    • Augmented Reality is the next big thing. We hear the buzz word all around. Raj Kiran gives us a sneak peek in to the AR world in his article Getting Real About Reality – Augmented Reality for Technical Communicators in TechTools.
    • All companies are looking at implementing DevOps in their organization. Vidhya Kumar introduces us to the concepts of DevOps with her article DevOps and Information Development – Beating to the Same Heartbeat in TechTools.
    • Content without a good index is incomplete. Aparna Mudaliar lists the best practices to create a good index in her article Indexing Made Easy in WriteRight.
    • A Manager’s role is very complex with its own set of responsibilities. It requires maintaining harmony in the team and between team members. Prajakta Pradhan brings out the various challenges faced by Mangers in her article Donning the Manager’s Hat in WriteManager.
    • Who says technical communication doesn’t have a creative side to it? If you are constantly looking for an area to contribute, chances are you’ll surely find it! In Something to Ponder About section, Nibu Thomas shows you how it’s not just about how well a resume is written. The Job description must also be A Breath of Fresh Air.
    • STC India City Representatives have been actively organizing Meets in their respective cities. Read about the various city sessions in STC India City Meets.

    We would like to thank all the contributors. They ensured that we had their final articles in the specified timelines.

    A big thank you to Nibu Thomas. He has been a big support and has guided us through the release. Thanks to Vimal Chhutani (Webmaster, STC India) for all the technical help.

    We hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as we did publishing it. Do rate and comment on individual articles. That’s all the encouragement we need to keep us going. Other than your support in coming forward and contributing your insights for the next edition! You can do this by by writing to indus@stc-india.org.

    Best regards,
    The Indus Team

    Sangeeta, Shiham

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