STC Announcements

  • STC’s Community Pacesetter Award recognizes innovative and successful community initiatives. Share your innovative community initiatives with the STC world! The deadline for applications is 21 March 2011.
  • At the Sacramento Summit, Beyond the Bleeding Edge presents summaries of technologies and methodologies that are too new or unusual to make it into traditional Summit sessions. If you enjoy new technologies or methodologies and like to discuss them, send your proposals to Neil Perlin, by 18 March 2011.
  • Every candidate running for the STC office has submitted a biography and answered a set of questions. Ask the Candidate button on STC election website helps you to get to know them even better.
  • The highest honorary ranks awarded by the Society are Fellow and Associate Fellow. Here is the list of the outstanding members who will be recognized at the STC Summit in Sacramento this year as Fellows and Associate Fellows.
  • The brand new website went live on 9 Feb! The new site is a huge leap forward from our previous site, and a strong first step toward bringing members the value they expect from STC. Read more about it here.
  • CEO and founder of O’Reilly Media and a STC Honorary Fellow, Tim O’Reilly, is the Keynote Speaker at the 2011 Summit! Hillary Hart says, “Tim’s appearance at the Summit recognizes the value technical communicators bring to ‘spreading the knowledge of innovators.'” Here are the details of the event. Read more news on the Summit blog.
  • Today, 28 Feb, is the last date to renew your STC membership, so that you are able to vote for the 2011 elections. Renew it here.
  • Whether you’re looking for a one-hour webinar or a longer, more in-depth certificate course, STC has an increasing variety of online education for you. With new Thursday dates available, STC is offering nine webinars throughout the month of March. See the full listing of webinars to decide which one is right for you.