Happy Reading

Team INDUS is happy to announce the launch of first edition of INDUS for 2019. I’d like to thank my team – Padma Swaroop, Harry Anthony, and Deepthi Jeelakarra without whose efforts, this edition wouldn’t have been published within the planned timelines.

Let’s look at the line-up of articles in this edition:

INDUS needs your “3” cents

The future editions of Indus will be more about YOU. In addition to articles, we promise to cover technical communication updates, industry trends, buzzing activities, tools and technologies, and more importantly your professional accomplishments and personal memoirs that can benefit the community.

This year, Team INDUS commits itself to the following guiding principle:

“Indus is about reading, writing, introspecting, ideating, experimenting, making mistakes, breaking rules, growing, and having fun all through “

Please feel free to share your views, thoughts, feedback, and articles to make Indus more engaging. In addition to articles, we wish to make Indus a platform to showcase your creative energies; so, fling yourselves into some wow-evoking journey of writing.

I’d like to close this editorial note with an ode to fellow technical communicators:

Oh fella technical communicators!
Swamped are we with the work;
Smug’d are we with the pasts;
Sapped are we with the timelines;
Stressed are we with the routines;
for CREATIVITY cometh out of such!!!

We are planning bi-monthly editions and are looking forward to your quality contributions. To share your thoughts, wins, and articles, please get in touch with us at industeam@stc-india.org. We are all eyes and ears!

Happy Reading
Ravi Kumar Adapa
Team Indus