Prez Talk for April 2018

By President, STC India


The STC India Chapter is in its 20th year and going strong. It has seen many firsts and is a pioneer in many aspects. The newsletter of the Chapter, INDUS, is one example. The newsletter has sustained itself over the years and has had wonderful support from the community in its many facets.

The beauty of the editorial board of the newsletter is that it has been fluid; people have volunteered to be a part of the INDUS team. Each team has brought in new ideas and fresh perspectives. However, the common theme is that each team has contributed and continued the legacy of learning. Teams have dreamed big and delivered, we have sometimes failed too, but, that has not deterred the teams.

This year, I applaud all the editorial teams that we have had so far – for their time and effort to bring forth a rich learning experience, over the ages. I can also write about the chapter activities happening this year but, that is for another day. I thank each one of you who has been on the editorial board, and also to all the authors who showcased their thoughts and ideas through this medium. INDUS is a classic example of collaboration. Looking forward to reading the first issue this year.

The world is but a canvas to our imagination – Henry Thoreau


Kiranmayee Pamarthy

President – 2018
STC India Chapter