April 2018 Edition

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Welcome to the first edition of INDUS for 2018!

We waited almost half a year since the release of our previous edition. Well, the wait is now over; and we, the team INDUS, are here with our very first edition for the new year right on time. We take this opportunity to welcome the new baby – STC Coimbatore – to our STC India family.

This edition is interesting not only because we begin the year with new edifying articles, but also because we continue our journey with the previous series of articles. We are hopeful that these articles will enlighten you with interesting career guidance and information.

The edition includes the following articles:

We thank all the contributors for the amazing write-ups! We also thank the INDUS team and all the contributors in 2017. Special thanks to Nibu Thomas and Sangeeta Raghu! Without their direction, this edition would not have been possible. Distinct thanks to Vimal Chhutani (Webmaster, STC India) for all the technical help.

We intend to make INDUS richer with the content that will help you grow in your profession. Apart from the regular articles, we encourage you to participate in responding to the other articles/blogs/information that caught your attention. Describe in about 150 to 200 words, what interested you or why it’s a good read for anyone. Each piece of information and opinion is highly appreciated.

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