Crossword on Technical Writing

By, Prajakta Pradhan




4    A visual representation of information or data
7    Voice
8    DITA authoring tool with atomic number 8
10  What your editor does
11   Assortment of data that is organized to be easily accessible in various ways
12   Adjective
13   Annual feedback
14   For whom you write


1    A medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged
2   Document that informs users about a complex issue, or provides information about new features in a product
3   Buzzword for writing
4   Interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects through the internet, enabling them to send and receive data
5   Design of products, devices, services for people who experience disabilities
6   One of the topic types in DITA
9   Set of images that display the functional element of a web page



About the Author

Prajakta Pradhan

Prajakta is a technical writer working with IBM in Pune. She’s the mother of a beautiful two-year old daughter. She’s also a writer and editor.

Prajakta loves creating new documentation, editing others’ work, and conjuring up something new. She’s inclined towards information mapping and minimalism, and has recently started taking an interest in design thinking.

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