June 2017 Issue

Hey there!

We could’ve wished a warm welcome, but then we see the heat outside and wish the welcome to be rather a cold one for you. So, a high-five to you.

Welcome to the second edition of INDUS for 2017. We, the INDUS team, are making every effort to make INDUS that one platform for you to know about the happenings in the technical communication community in India.

Before we cover what we have for this edition, here’s some news for you:

In this edition, we introduce a new section, Humor. Or, is it Humour? It depends on whether you have any feelings for her Majesty. This section is especially for those who wish to read about technical communication, but not with the textbook-ish feel to it. Through the new section, we also plan to deliver to you comic strips. Now, that’s exciting!

Here’s a sneak peek into the edition:

  • Nibu Thomas, President, STC India Chapter 2017, talks to Anuj Kapoor about his vision and roadmap for 2017 in the article In Conversation with the STC India President – 2017. Prepare to grin.
  • Have you started to write for IOT applications and devices? What are some of the challenges unique to this particular area? In Delivering User Assistance for IoT-Based ApplicationsAkhil Harikrishnan and Suresh Srinivasan help us understand the frame of mind needed while writing for IoT applications.
  • It’s the first time we’ve published a writers resume in Indus. After reading Harkirtan Kaur’s  A Rookie’s Guide to Infographics, you’ll maybe want to think about how you can use infographics too.
  • After spreading her wings in the ‘butterfly’ session in Hyderabad, Shanthi Balasubramanian is back to engage her audience with Pretty Words Are Not True. If you’ve always fumbled while giving feedback or been less than graceful while receiving it, this three part article was written just for you.
  • We all are great with words. But are we using more words than is necessary? In Weed OutArun Dash shows us how to fix this problem.
  • Everyone loves comics. So we had Abhay Chokshi create a couple just for Indus. The comic strip is called “Elementary” and the characters are “MITH” is the Man In The House and “L3” is the lovely leading lady! If you have other ideas for characters for this section, or stories, do comment. But first, check out the new Humor section for TC Comics!
  • Among all the lawsuits flying around, here’s a story about STC India being on trial. Nibu Thomas helps us understand the value STC India brings to its members in STC India vs the State.
  • Several events were held in various cities. It’s a good thing you read Indus, because this is the only place where you can get a gist of all that happened. Check out STC India City Meets and learn about all recent events.

Through INDUS, it is our constant effort to bring to you an assortment of quality content and know-how. We believe that you are with us in this pursuit where we continue to define and redefine the way we deliver the engaging and insightful content to you.

We are thankful to all those who have contributed their articles in this edition – take a bow, dear writers, and share this with your friends and colleagues. We wish to see more of your work in the coming year, and the years thereafter!

If there is anything that you wish to cover, please send in your entries and ideas to indus@stc-india.org. We hope that this edition opens a new trail of thoughts for everyone.

Happy reading, writing, and sharing!

Best regards.

The INDUS team