Remembering Sunil Gokhale…


A veteran in technical communication, Sunil Gokhale left for his heavenly abode on 4th February, 2017.  He has left behind his two sons and wife.

Sunil completed his graduation (BSc in Electronics) from Fergusson College, Pune in 1988. Later, he pursued a degree in law, a diploma in journalism, and then earned a Doctorate in Physics from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

A man of many talents, here are a few fond representative memories.

A Friend

Sunil’s early death left us in a shock. I’ve lost a dear friend and a brother. He was intelligent, sincere, and versatile. Be it technical literature, or script for a movie, Sunil always brought out a piece of class.

We worked on many projects including the courses created for Pune University, Symbiosis, and STC India events. I haven’t seen anyone as versatile as him. An emphatic teacher, a strict professional, and an humble human being, it was impossible to meet Sunil and not be impressed.

-Mak Pandit

My memories of Sunil go way back in very late 90s when I started my journey in technical communication. I remember him as a sincere, honest, well-meaning, and a very soft-spoken individual.

The most striking part of his constitution was his always down-to-earth and humble disposition. I am shocked (like all of us!) at the news of his passing away and I wish there were more people like him around; the world would be so much better. I pray for his soul to be at peace!

– Manoj Bokil

A Mentor

Sunil’s hatke” style of teaching made him special.


Sunil Sir encouraged us to take risks in technical communication. I still remember, we were asked to write love letters as part of the PGDTC course. The one that was picked up was in Marathi—not for the language, but for what it conveyed. That day I understood, it is not just important to write well, but what is more important is to be able to communicate. Deemed as dry and cut, he made technical communication one of the most interesting subject.

The fruits of success that we enjoy today, are the seeds sown by Sunil Sir.

– Hemant Baliwala

If it was possible to describe Sunil in one word, it would be PASSIONATE.


It was our first assignment in technical writing during the technical writing course.

The topic was “Making Tea.” What was different about him was the way he shared his comments. He made a
drama out of it. He picked up a few write-ups and read them aloud with intonations and gestures along with his pungent remarks. We were rolling with laughter and at the same time squirming at the mistakes we made. It was entertainment and education at the same time.

You taught us the importance of refining drafts. We learnt from you to appreciate symbols, colors, and sounds.

– Pankaja Kulabkar

An Inspiration

One the first few books published by an Indian technical communicator


Sunil Sir, taught me the basics of Technical Communication in 2005. I was a teacher, already on the other side of 40, and apprehensive abo
ut technology. Sunil Sir put me at ease, on the first day of class he said, “Technology can be learnt; it is an acquired skill.” That settled my apprehensions about my lack of knowledge of computers. Learning began.

I bought Ethics in Technical Communication that Sunil Sir had authored. Wow….such a neat book….every word that he explained in the classes was in the book. Whenever I read it, I vividly recall his explanations.

We often had tea at the canteen or at Wadeshwar before class. We often talked about the relation between teaching and technical writing. I guess he was putting me at ease. As he held many degrees and a doctorate he often saw in a holistic view which helped me too. He has been an inspiration for me.

– Sneha Khanwilkar

A Flag Bearer

If life is to be measured in experiences and not in years, then Sunil probably lived a life richer than many of us.

He was here to communicate. And that’s what he did. He told us how to live a fuller life. How to get in touch with your own inner self.. How to bring out the passion in you..  And more importantly, how not to get bound by the walls of your profession. Putting his heart and soul in everything he did, he effortlessly set an example for professionals, volunteers, students, and mentors. He touched many souls.

One thing that always amused me about Sunil was the entertainment factor he added to everyday things. From the stories I hear about his lectures, or from the volunteer meets I attended with him, this fact is quite evident.

He once said in an STC India event, “Add some drama, add some jazz, and people remember what you are telling them.”

Sunil, we hear you. Your dramatic exit tells us to live a life of passion and dedication. We will try!

Om Shanti!

– Mugdha Kulkarni


We will miss you…

“First understand and then practice the science so you can master the art of technical communication.”

– Sunil Gohkale





  1. A touching tribute to an inspiring personality. May his tribe increase.

  2. It is my misfortune that I never got a chance to meet or know him. Reading all the tributes it feels that the world of technical writing has lost a true friend. Holistic and out of the box thinking and a fun loving attitude can definitely do our community a world of good. May his brand live on!

  3. This is such a beautiful tribute to one of the warmest, most passionate, and most versatile technical communicator India ever had! Thanks Team Indus for putting this tribute together – this is one of the best ways we could ever remember him!
    His book “Essentials in Technical Communication” was my bible during my formative years as a Technical Communicator. I still recommend this book to all the new entrants in the profession to help build a good foundation for themselves.
    He made teaching look like an effortless job, and made learning always fun with his warmth and great sense of humour.
    There were still so much that he could have given to the society in general, and all the professions that he mastered! As we are trying to come to terms with his very untimely death, his smile refuses to fade from our memory! Rest in peace, Sunil Sir, and may your legacy always inspire everyone around!

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