Oct 2016 Issue

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to second edition of Indus for 2016!

In this edition, we have put together a potpourri of different flavors related to Technical Communication. We hope you like the ingredients that went in :).

  • Have you been thinking of creating interactive content? TechTools has Gokul Suresh show us ways to get our content talking in his article How To Make Your Content Communicate Interactively.
  • Have you heard about weaving your content as a story? Also in TechTools, Harkirtan Kaur introduces us to the world of storyboaring in her article Storyboarding – Weaving Random Ideas Into A Logical Story.
  • Content or Style? In the WriteRight section, Nivedita Aggarwal points the importance of good content in her article Content Sense.
  • Have you wondered why we switch between languages? Oorja Majgaonkar and Makarand Pandit are in the Lounge to tell us more about why this happens in their article Code-Switching.
  • Missed the city events? STC India Regional Conferences gives you a second chance to catch up on all the events and excitement at various STC India Regional Conferences.
  • Are you ready to solve a Technical Writing Crossword? Prajakta Pradhan and Mukta Kirloskar have created this informative fun puzzle for us in Brain Teaser – Crossword on Technical Writing.

We would like to thank all the contributors for all the hard work! We are sure that these articles will spark ideas.

A big thank you to Nibu Thomas, our guide and mentor. Thanks to Vimal Chhutani (Webmaster, STC India) for all the help.

We, the publishers, and the authors look forward to your feedback. It helps us decide what changes to implement in coming editions. So please rate and comment on individual articles. You can also send us your views, comments, and feedback at indus@stc-india.org. If you are inspired enough, you can also consider this an invitation to contribute to the next release of Indus. Send us your ideas at indus@stc-india.org.

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