Prez Talk for February 2017

By Nibu Thomas, President, STC India Chapter 2017

Dear Readers,

Greetings from the STC India Admin Council – 2017!

I’m delighted to be writing to you on behalf of STC India for the first edition of Indus – 2017. The team is charged up and you can be sure that they will churn out some insightful articles as the year progresses.

The team alone can do very little without your contributions. So one of the first things I’d want to do is to encourage you to put your thoughts and ideas and send it to us as articles. What do you see when you look around at different people around you? I see people with ideas, people who articulate well, people with energy, people asking the golden question. Let’s show the world how it’s done!

I take this opportunity to introduce to you the new admin council. As you can see, I’ve chosen to give them new titles. 😉 You’ll immediately notice how balanced the team is. Because our focus should never be on merely creating content. It should be about having fun while creating better products. The future is happening where people are having fun!

I’m sure you’ve seen the call for volunteers and city reps. I’m glad to report that we’ve had quite some interest this time. In fact, we’ve decided to start a mentoring program for city reps. There will be one rep for a city and he/she will be closely working with a shadow. The shadow will be groomed to become the rep for the next year.

Indus will continue to have two editors like before. But each editor will work on a subsequent edition. Thus they have larger time frame to seek, screen, edit and publish each edition. The editors will also continue till the next set of editors are ready to take over. So continuity is not lost. I’m hoping you’ll like the first edition!

When we took over, one of the first things we tried to do, is to identify what ails the community. Is it a lack of information? Is it opportunity? Or is it passion? Well, it’s not a single factor. Maybe, it’s all of them. And Indus will in its own way try to address each issue. (Excuse the pun!)

We want Indus to be more appealing, come out at an increased frequency and reach a larger audience. We have some ideas on how to go about this. But more ideas are always welcome. So do write to us. We promise a pair of ears (actually several pairs!) that will listen and also the will power to convert the feasible – into actions.

Sangeeta and Suyog have taken the lead to publish Indus for 2017. If you have an ‘aha’ moment, and would like to share it with the world, reach out to them. There’s no better place to start. And there’s no better place to continue. You can write to them at or

I’m sure several of you are awaiting the video recordings of the just concluded STC India Annual Conference in Hyderabad. If there are sessions you missed, you can catch up on these shortly. All this is possible because of the wonderful work done by Padmaja and team.

I want to thank Mugdha, Kiran, Padmaja and Mak for their excellent ideas and support. All of what you see above are their ideas. I’m just Vin Petrol.

Which is why I can confidently tell you this – expect greater things …

Fire in the hole!

Warm Regards,