Annual Fees, Social Media and More

STC’s 2010 Dues Structure and Membership Benefits announced

Membership fees, member benefits, and FAQs are at the STC blog.

Nominations for Simplified English International Standard Working Group

Because STC is a member of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), it can nominate experts to join the working group for the new Simplified English international standard. To nominate yourself or someone else, see the details.

STC Relaunches Online Buyers Guide & Consultant Directory

The updated guide, listing companies and technical communication consultants selling products and services, is here.

Atlanta Conference sessions now available

The sessions are available through SUMMIT@aClick and have full audio and video capture. Participants can see speaker materials, watch the audio/visual speaker presentation (as presented in Atlanta), and download an audio file. Conference attendees who paid the full registration amount have full access to SUMMIT@aClick and have received their unique passcodes and instructions to access the content. Others need to buy.

STC’s Live Learning Center has a FREE featured session (90 minutes) from the 2009 Summit, Introduction to Blogging: A New Technical Communicator Role, presented by Tom Johnson.

STC Goes Green with Publications

From 2010, STC will no longer publish printed versions of Intercom and Technical Communication; instead, members will receive email notifications with links to the online publications. Print-on-demand copies of each publication will be available at an additional subscription fee.

STC Continues Transition to Social Media Platforms

STC has transitioned its electronic newsletter, News & Notes, to a blog format. Postings can be expected biweekly. The blog, open to all, is here.

STC is also on Twitter (stc_org) and LinkedIn (Society for Technical Communication).

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