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STC-India pilot library launched at Pune on Independence Day

The library opened at Pune on a pilot basis for 3 months and is currently open for residents of Pune. STC members can become members of the library for free. Non-STC members can become library members for a one-time enrollment fee. If the library is well-used, STC-India hopes to open libraries at other locations and expand the existing catalog of books. If anyone is interested in hosting, volunteering, or sponsoring this library at other locations, contact Kumar Dhanagopal (kumar.dhanagopal@stc-india.org). Information about this library is available at http://www.stc-india.org/library.
The task-force that made the library possible: Kumar Dhanagopal, Edwin Skau, Frederick Menezes, Samir Gaonkar, Subash Babu, and Makarand Pandit.
The book donors that made the library possible: Scriptorium Publishing, Abigail Samuels, Uday Chava, Oracle (who helped to ship the books from abroad and locally).

STC-India’s blog for technical writing job advertisements

STC-India’s new initiative is at http://techwritingjobs-stcindia.blogspot.com/. Recruiting companies can directly post a job ad by sending an email to the following e-mail address:stcindiajobs123.technicalwriting@blogger.com.

Mentoring programme of 2009

STC-India conducted a three-month mentoring programme during May 2009 to July 2009 with a purpose of knowledge sharing. Sharada Palagummi was the manager of this programme. All those who completed the programme found it beneficial, with some of them rating the programme 10 on 10, and volunteering to participate again in the next round. A few could not complete the programme, mostly because of the work pressure in the current financial situation of the industry. Sharada would like to thank all the participants.

STC’s Technical Communication Body of Knowledge Task Force

Makarand Pandit, of STC-India, was appointed to the task force, with the responsibility to maintain “Strategic Oversight of International Audience & Issues”.

Quarterly Rewards and Recognition Awards for 2009

Anindita Basu won the *Volunteer of the Quarter* award for the second quarter of 2009. Sandhya Prasad, chapter President, announced thus: “I appreciate her diligence to sticking to STC commitments and deadlines despite having a full professional life. That demonstrates excellence above the ordinary, and in recognition of that quality, the STC India Rewards and Recognition Comittee and the Admin Council unanimously selected Anindita for this quarter’s award.”

Contest: STC-India’s 11th Annual Conference, December 2009, Bangalore

The STC-India conference committee ran a contest to seek ideas and suggestions about the conference agenda, topics, and overall plan from potential participants. The winner of the contest is Percy (Alfred), who gets a free registration for the STC-India conference to be held on December 4 and 5 at The Captiol, Bangalore.