2010 STC Summit and Member Benefits

2010 STC Summit; Dallas, Texas: Call for Proposals

STC’s Technical Communication Summit 2010 will be held between May 2 and 5, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion, in Dallas, Texas. The Call for Proposals is now open athttp://www.softconference.com/subs/stc/2010/. Proposals can be submitted and updated online until 10:00 AM ET, Monday, 5 October.

STC Offers Online Certificate Courses

Beginning in September, STC will offer four online courses where participants can earn a certificate. The courses are divided into 90-minute sessions and presented live online, 10:30 AM–Noon ET, over five to eight weeks. Individual sessions may also be purchased without a certificate. The courses are:

  • Undiscovered Country: Master Writer
    Five sessions beginning 29 September–27 October, Sharon Burton
  • DITA from Legacy to the Future
    Eight sessions beginning 29 September–21 October, Bernard Aschwanden
  • TechComm 101
    Seven sessions beginning 12 October–23 November, Leah Guren
  • Technical Communication Manager
    Six sessions beginning 27 October–1 December, Saul Carliner

More about the courses are here: http://www.stc.org/edu/online-certificate-courses.asp. The courses are priced as follows:
$595 member, $995 nonmember; Student: $295 member, $995 nonmember
Individual Sessions (without certificate):$149 member, $259 nonmember; Student: $79 member, $259 nonmember.
Discounts are available for group attendance from the same company. For these special prices, contact Lloyd Tucker (lloyd.tucker@stc.org).

The STC Single Sourcing SIG site at http://stc1ssig.ning.com is now public

All pages except the Members page can be viewed by visitors to the site but only members can post content. To request membership, use the “Sign Up” link at the top right of the Main Page.

Member benefits: STC’s Notebook

STC’s Notebook is a blog that replaces the monthly electronic newsletter. News stories, pertinent announcements, and informative articles will be posted frequently as the blog grows and changes to meet the Society’s needs. Visit STC’s Notebook at http://notebook.stc.org and sign up for the RSS feed.

Member benefits: STC’s Job Seeker Boot Camp

STC’s Job Seeker Boot Camp is a free program and is for members who are currently seeking employment or wish to expand their contract work. The Boot Camp includes unlimited access to the STC Career Center, unlimited access to more than a dozen articles written by and for technical communicators with tips and advice on finding a tech comm job, access to audio podcasts by well-known STC recruiters, and the latest STC Salary Survey. To sign up for the Boot Camp, visit the Job Seeker Boot Camp webpage http://www.stc.org/membership/job-seeker-boot-camp-intro.asp.

Member benefits: STC’s Salary Database

STC’s Salary Database provides more than 100 pages of detailed regional and industry specific statistics on the number of jobs and salaries for technical writers. The report covers 160 municipalities and 21 non-metropolitan areas in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. View STC’s Salary Database at http://www.stc.org/2009/08/STC-Presents-Government-Data-on-the-Job-Market-for-Technical-writers.asp.

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