A Journey to the Cape of Good Hope

“Aah!” said the traveler.
“I am but weary
Of this life –
So dull and dreary.
With sorrows as my only support,
And aid only in the form of worry,
Thinking of my future,
Makes me feel very jittery.
I hear a Voice within me –
‘Accept it – willy or nilly!’

But then,
I’ve not lost Faith in Him.
He, who is the Supreme Authority.
He, who at times rebukes me,
For bearing a mind so awry –
And keeps reminding me
Of my own autarky.

I can see things in a better perspective –
Nothing seems anymore scary.
The Night is like a velvet skin,
The Morn – fresh and airy!
My Future seems a delightful vision,
My Hopes, Strong, and Fiery!

Higher and faster I move with the tides!
To the Cape of Good Hope takes me my Ferry!”


About Author

Amit Kapoor, recognized as LinkedIn Content50-2018 and India’s Top 100 Content/Brand Custodian-2017 by PaulWriter, the Global Top 200 Content Strategist-2017 by MindTouch, & the Most Influential Content Marketing Professional by the World Marketing Congress (2017, 2018), has 18+ years of in-depth experience in the field of content & digital marketing and technical writing for global organizations. You can reach him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamitkapoor/