STC Chennai Learning Session, June 2017

By, Jayashree

STC India Chennai Learning Session was conducted on 17th June 2017 at the ‘Backyard’, Chennai. The venue was sponsored by Blue Dots Consultancy Services. The session started with a welcome note by Saravanan, STC India Chennai City Representative for 2017. He introduced the speakers for the day, Priya and Kamal.


Saravanan arranged for the unique venue and welcomed the participants with the material from our sponsor for the day, Blue Dots Consultancy.


Priya Sundarraman, Tools and Methods trainer at Ericsson, presented on User Experience in Writing, which enunciated the importance of understanding the user experience while designing the  UI. Priya elucidated the facets of user experience, principles of UX writing, role of UX writer, and benefits of user experience. The session was very interactive, where the participants discussed the role of a UX Writer (as a Technical Writer and a Content Developer) in connecting the content and the users for better user experience.


Some good refreshment –  tasty sandwiches and refreshing drink – were served during the much-needed networking break. After the networking break, the second session, Improving Productivity in Documentation, was conducted by Kamalakannan who is a regular participant of the learning sessions.


Kamal started the session by sharing his experience on how he lost two hours of his productive time due to a miscommunication that happened during  a hotel checkout. He showcased the need for improving the productivity in documentation. He also gave a step-by-step process to enhance the productivity through functional, procedural, and domain-specific knowledge. Kamal also spoke about the importance of regular meetings for feedback and regular communication.


After a short Q&A session, the participants posed for a group photo.

With that happy note and fun learning session, the day ended. Thanks to Blue Dots Consultancy Services for sponsoring the venue to conduct the event.

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About the Author

Jayashree is currently working as a Senior Technical Writer at Kripya. She has an overall experience of 14 years in Business Process Improvement for IT services and support that includes technical documentation and Quality Assurance, at various hierarchy levels. She is interested in learning new tools and technologies in the technical writing domain. In her leisure time, she likes to crochet.