STC India Hyderabad Learning Session

By, Suyog Ketkar

The Hyderabad city witnessed a full-day learning session by volunteers of the STC India Chapter on April 29, 2017. The session included a couple of one-hour sessions on MadCap Flare and Proposal Writing, and a series of random topics as 15-minute Quick Bytes. Agility was the venue sponsor for the event. STC India Chapter is thankful to the Agility team for their promptness in the follow-up and services.

The day began with an introduction from Padmaja, the city representative. It was followed by a session by Reena Wadekar on MadCap Flare. She explained how MadCap Flare helps in streamlining single-sourcing of documentation. Next was a session by Dr. Anshu Joshi, on Proposal Writing. She briefly explained what is Proposal Writing. She further explained the entire process, from creating solicited/unsolicited proposal to getting business from the client. It was interesting to note how business-driven, yet detailed the process was.


The first two sessions were detailed and were followed by equally detailed questions and answers. The sessions in Quick Bytes had some interesting insights.

During the day, the following topics and presentations were covered (a big round of applause for those who presented for the first time):

  • The Best Outfit – Psychosocial games and analysis by Padmaja
  • Structuring Content: Content and Entity Types – Presentation by Michael Andrews
  • Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker 2017 – Adobe’s product videos by Rajesh Singamshetty
  • Designing Conversational Interfaces – Insights by Pooja Vijaykumar
  • API Documentation Tools – Knowledge tidbits by Prashant Mathapathi
  • How to be Your Own Editor – Eyeopener by Suyog Ketkar

The day was summarized by a vote of thanks from Padmaja and an informal round of conversation over tea and snacks. A big thanks to all the participants (the speakers and the attendees), the city representative, the venue sponsor, and the courage to break out of our homes on a rather lazy Summer Saturday. We are one committed community, after all!