Brain Teaser – Crossword on Technical Writing

By, Prajakta Pradhan, Mukta Kirloskar




1  An open format for electronic document exchange.

7  A necessary precaution to avoid viruses.

8  If you do not do this before closing your document, you will lose all your work.

9  The repetition of a process.

10 The people in your team who make a document ready for the world.


1  An important preparatory part of the document life cycle.

2  Common questions about your product.

3  An unwelcome reality at any stage of product development.

4  A history of which you must always maintain.

5  Pictorial representations.

6  You must do this on a server, so that your document can be included in a build.



About the Author

Prajakta Pradhan

Prajakta is a technical writer working with IBM in Pune. She’s the mother of a beautiful two-year old daughter. She’s also a writer and editor.

Prajakta loves creating new documentation, editing others’ work, and conjuring up something new. She’s inclined towards information mapping and minimalism, and has recently started taking an interest in design thinking.

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Mukta Kirloskar

Mukta is a technical writer with more than 10 years of experience. A linguist at heart, she can’t help correcting everyone’s grammar – mentally of course. She loves to dabble in creative writing now and then, but is too shy to share her writings with others. You can contact her at