November-December 2012 Newsletter

The Minimalism Agenda for technical information and training was first developed more than thirty years ago. Since then, the principles of minimalism have been successfully used to revise and restructure information. In this issue JoAnn Hackos explains what the four principles mean today and why they are important to produce high quality information.

Carol Barnum uncovers the ground realities of expert reviews. She tells us why technical communicators needn’t wait to be invited to join a team of interaction designers to provide inputs on products. Content strategy quite often starts with cost control. Sarah O’Keefe tells us why this isn’t a very interesting strategy.

The Agile methodology emphasises small group interaction and iterative development. Laura Clymer explains the changed writing, content review, and front-end engagement approaches for information developers.

Also in this issue we have Anindita Basu’s Writing Tips and Anima Palshikar’s experience at the 14th STC India conference. Naveen D’cruz wraps up with Prez talk.

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– Dolly John

Indus Editor

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