The joy of dancing

Jaya Choudhury
Name: Jaya Choudhury

I’ve been into technical communication for: 5 years, 6 months.

At work: I handle the documentation tasks – planning and management, authoring, graphics, proofreading, maintenance and delivery of a large suite of documents and configuration management tasks, along with a counterpart at Nurenberg, Germany. I am also involved in training, mentoring, presentations, creating newsletters, and writing articles.

My greatest strength: My zeal to excel in whatever I do.

My greatest weakness: Being emotional at times.

Your hobby: Dancing, creating and imparting training/presentations and writing articles.

Number of hours spent on my hobby: At least 25 hours every month.

My sphere of influence: Dancing is primarily to keep myself happy. One life which is surely influenced is that of my 1yr 10 month old son. My training sessions, presentations, and articles influence a large section of software engineers, testers, technical communicators, and so on.