Prez Talk for August 2012

By Naveen D’cruz, STC India President

Barely three months to go, loads of sponsorship work done untiringly and piles of coordinating work pending – that’s where we stand for the 14th STC India Annual Conference to be held in Bangalore from November 29th to December 1st this year. I hope all of you have planned for this event and have got the required permissions from your supervisor. Thanks to the selfless volunteers of STC India for helping out with the activities till now. We need more of you to finish the year with this mega event. Kindly send your names to the STC India Admin Council ( or to its members and the area you would like to contribute in the conference.

The paper proposals are finalized for the workshops and presentations, and the results should be out in a day or two. Congratulations to all the chosen ones and best wishes to all the folks who wanted to share their knowledge and expertise. We are bound to choose the best of the rest, selected by a special committee of experienced professionals in the industry. The Conference Portal will be populated with more details in the coming days and you can plan your stay in the beautiful City of Dreams! The hotel is booked and the preparations are in full swing. Do share your ideas on what you would like to be a differentiator in the Conference this year.

We have many prominent speakers, and a varied audience – newbies and experienced, to meet and learn from, and proclaim the scope of technical communication in the areas of communication, writing, publishing, management, tools and trends in the market. We had two very good events in Bangalore held at Novell and Alcatel-Lucent having the largest number of participants in the year for a learning session. Delhi rocked the Regional Conference with a whopping number of participants, courtesy Adobe and Lingya institute for sponsoring the event and organised by Manisha, STC India Secretary. Thank You All!

Let us continue to contribute and grow together, construct our community, and be acknowledged for the critical role that we perform in our establishments. We look forward to hear your innovative ideas and differentiators soon for the 14th STC India Annual Conference.