Plane spotting with Sriram Hariharan

Name – Sriram Hariharan

I’ve been into technical communication for – 3 years 11 months

At work – I’m a Senior Technical Writer at ViSolve, Inc. I create client documentation for the healthcare business. I also head the marketing team.

My hobby – Aviation photography and plane spotting. I am an avid aircraft lover and love travelling on them, watching and photographing them. I am a member of India’s first officially recognized Plane Spotting Group called Aviation Photographers India. You can find the group on Facebook (http://www.avph.in). Being a member of the group, I have had my moments when I got a chance to go to areas that are restricted to the public (under very special permissions from the authorities), within the airport, such as the tarmac, ramp, ends of the runway, and even stand very close to the runways. I have my pictures posted on different aviation websites:


Number of hours spent on my hobby – 8-10 hours a month. I travel from Coimbatore to Bengaluru just for spotting. In 2010, I used to drive 200 kms to the airport (from Hosur to Bengaluru International Airport and back) only for the sake of plane spotting.

Sphere of influence – I have got the opportunity to meet and interact with lots of aviation enthusiasts, pilots, first-officers and many other people involved in this industry. Thanks to Facebook for making this happen!

Greatest strength – Adaptability. I go the extra mile to achieve goals personally and professionally. Flexibility and good communication skills are my other strengths.

Greatest weakness – Don’t wish to reveal.


  1. I am also a keen airplane buff with a good collection of books and magazines of airplanes used in world wars. I am a retired official and pursuing my hobby still reading books and also watching movies in youtube etc.,

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