Writing Tips

1. Place the word “only” closest to the word that it modifies. The meaning of a sentence changes with the placement of “only”.

You can have a look at the video here.

2. Place the result before the action. Else, you might have unintended consequences.

Techwriting examples in the “pull trigger to shoot” style
•Click Workspace > Files > Purge to delete the files permanently from the local workspace.
•Click Unlink if you want to remove the mapping between the user and the team.
•Click Install only if you do not have another instance of the application running on the server.

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Anindita Basu is an editor at IBM. She champions DITA; she also worships Hindi films. She can be reached at anindita_basu@shortmail.com


  1. Very nice and funny post to understand the technical writing tip.

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