Webinar on Author-it Cloud authoring solutions- Your chance to participate!

Author-it Software Corp is pleased to present its first webinar of 2012 for STC India Chapter. In the first of the webinars, Rajdeep will walk you through a use case of a technical writer with [master or little or no/some] experience with Author-it as he/she writes topics for her company’s software, through the publishing process to WebHelp and DITA and PDFs. He will talk about ROI and how tech writers can talk to their managers about how this will save time/money, etc.

This 2- hour webinar introduces Author-it Cloud and helps you to get started on Cloud authoring. It goes through each of the components in details- Web Contributor, Power Editor, File Manager and the publishing features in Cloud. Plus an opportunity to play around Cloud.

Author-it Cloud is the world’s first Cloud-based end-to-end enterprise authoring platform. In a typical Cloud environment users subscribe to the Cloud service to access online software applications and data from anywhere they can access the Internet. This provides significant benefits, including a reduced IT overhead, reduced costs in software upgrades, simple scaling up the business, security, convenience and portability. Cloud computing has grown dramatically as the public’s initial reservations have fallen away and the world has become aware of its significant benefits.

Date: March 15

Time: 1800-2000 IST (2 hours’ webinar)

Profile- Rajdeep is the Business Dev Manager for Author-it Corp (South Asia) and has close to 6 years of experience in tech writing.

To register click here- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGw3bVl2Z2JUWlRFcEhsanFieC1SWmc6MQ

Rajdeep will send across the confirmation email with the webinar details to the participants. Request you to drop Rajdeep an email off-list should you have any queries.