Let’s Rock Again!!

2011 was a Rocking year for STC India Chapter with all the new initiatives and programs reaching the pinnalce of success… 2012 and the new admin council strive and promise to break all the records and Rock this year too… We have started this year with a sizzler and proud to say we have a 50+ strong army of volunteers to progress and deliver the various initiatives.

We are back in Bangalore to Rock again which is the location for our annual conference this year, and we are counting on you to make it a success. Armed with the help of the untiring enthusiastic volunteers and STC veterans who promise us that they will extend all help required to make the conference this year a success, and we do expect you guys to contribute too.

We do know that many of you travel on a personal budget for the conference, so we strive to bring you better quality regional conferences to give you an opportunity to attend an STC event closer to your home. We also plan to have career days in several cities.

We are still fighting with the STC President Alan Houser himself to bring down the membership fees and hope to bring it down further in the days to come.

We do encourage you to actively contribute in any way you can to help us be successful in these initiatives.

The sizzler to begin was the school program educating about the Technical Communication profession and the rewards it ofers. We will have competitions throughout the year, and a wide range of scholarships, education and internship programs so we can reach out to students and educate them about this wonderful profession and grow a new generation of technical communicators that are the dire need of every company today.

We are very grateful and pleased to Author-it Corporation for donating us a CMS (Author-it Cloud) subscription to host our STC India Portal, enabling us to spend less time and control the database driven CMS. Thank you Author-it for your patronage and continued support to the Technical Communication fraternity.

We will continue the prior initiatives such as Corporate Communications, Instructional Design, Usability and User Research, Editing, Management, and Mentoring in addition to our learning sessions and webinars.

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