STC News [November-December 2011]

Corporate Value Program (CVP)

CVP offers a variety of options, tailored to meet organizations’ technical communication needs. You can choose between memberships for all your staff or just a few.

The benefits include: E-memberships for company employees; transferable membership, if employees leave the company; special CVP rates on select STC goods and services (not available to employees directly); special CVP rates on training and education offerings; eligibility to introduce your organization’s products/services/events to STC members; recognition on STC’s web site.

Here is the link to our CVP page on the STC web site:  http://www.stc.org/membership/corporate-value-program

One of the biggest benefits is the transferable membership – this allows the organization to reap the continued benefit of STC membership – the benefit is not lost when an employee leaves. The CVP benefits both large and small teams.  The CVP is a tailored program that emphasizes STC membership, shaping the field and profession, and allowing access to the technical communication marketplace.

The cost for your group to join as a CVP is:

  • 10 members: flat base fee of $1,900
  • 11-25 members x $185 each
  • 26-50 members x $180 each
  • 51-75 members x $175 each

Special Interest Group (SIG) memberships may be purchased for $10 per person. Membership in a local chapter may be purchased for $25 per person.

The more people in a group, the more money saved as part of this program.