STC Announcements

  • SUMMIT@aClick is an online collection of the conference’s content, with audio and PowerPoint synched together. Almost all of the 80-plus presentations at the Sacramento summit were recorded, and SUMMIT@aClick offers them at a nominal price.
  • STC’s Notebook celebrated its second birthday on 3 August 2011. Some minor changes were done to the look and feel. Your suggestions are welcome here.
  • Upcoming certificate course are listed here. These include DITA from Legacy to the Future, Managing Virtual Teams, Tech Comm Manager, Instructional Design for e-Learning, and TechComm 201. Also check the special offer for TechComm 101/201 certificate courses here. Certificate courses are regularly added, so keep checking the main certificate course page regularly.
  • In the 21 July Board of Directors meeting, the Board voted to reduce the number of Directors from six to four, starting with the 2012 election. With this vote, there will be two Directors elected next year rather than four. The details are shared here.
  • A new effort from STC—the Alumni Renewal Offer works towards bringing back former members. Announcement post can be read here.
  • STC Vice President Alan Houser and The Content Wrangler’s Scott Abel will discuss your options for plugging into social networks and professional societies in the field of technical communication, in this webinar titled ‘The Power of Many: The STC in the Age of Social Media’. It is scheduled for 21 September 2011.