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As each work day comes to a close, I find myself thinking about the everyday work we do, comprehending new systems, understanding new users, communicating with varied audiences, arguing our way over hinderances, and managing to perform multiple roles as technical writers.

At a first job, or a new job, there is enthusiasm, gusto, and an eagerness which may fade, if there is too much of any one of the above! I still cannot forget the day of my first interview, the passion, the eagerness that I had to start afresh. It’s something that I will personally try to keep alive. How do we sustain what is motivating and fun in our work lives?  There is no one single answer, but some of the contributors in this edition of Indus give us insights into redefining the job, learning new areas of work and keeping the spark going. I hope you will enjoy this edition.

STC India’s calendar has also been quite eventful the last two months, with STC India conducting its first Summit at the Chancery Hotel on the May 7 and 8. 150 people attended this two-day event. Click here to download the Summit presentations.

We are planning to organize our first User Experience and Usability conference in the last week of August in Bangalore. Stay tuned for the updates on our newsgroup and portal.

Finally, we are in the middle of 2011, and I’ld like to thank all our STC India volunteers for their contribution so far. Keep up the good work team!

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