STC India News & Notes, March-April 2011

As part of STC India Chapter’s initiative to collaborate and work with various international technical communication professionals and experts in the field of technical communication teaching, the STC India Admin Council has decided to hold tech communication webinars.

STC India Webinars

Top 10 Grammar Problems, Complaints or Opportunities

Dr.Rolan Nord is a senior member of STC and teaches technical communication at the Minnesota State University. In his webinar, Top 10 Grammar Problems, Complaints or Opportunities, he provided us with a quick refresher course on  issues in American English usage. Dr. Nord covered topics such as  grammatical errors, grammatical mistakes or problems, and strategies for editors to deal with such errors or problems.

The webinar was conducted on March 26, 2011.

Essentials of Instruction Writing

Dr. Lee S. Tesdell teaches courses in the technical communication program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  His webinar provided us tips on how to structure a help topic, integrate images and text in instructions, and create bilingual instructions. Visit the http://www.stc-india.org/2011/04/recording-of-essentials-of-instruction-writing/ page, and click the link- https://umconnect.umn.edu/p25839587/?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal to listen to the recorded webinar.

The webinar was conducted on April 2, 2011.

The Role of Readability Formulas in Technical Communication

In this interactive webinar, Dr.Nord conducted and provided an overview of readability formulas and their use with respect to technical documents and reviewed recent research (conducted within the past 10 years) on the same topic.

The webinar was conducted on April 9, 2011.

STC India Learning Sessions at Bangalore

A full-day learning session was organized in Novell, Bangalore, on March 26, 2011. In the session, Bindu Nayar and Triveni Mahesh talked about the world of estimation and took us through the process of estimation using the Wideband Delphi method.

Mridula Mukund’s and Premleela Radhakrishnan’s session on “Pulse Check of Doc Projects – Best Practices at Novell” highlighted the importance of effective tracking and reporting of documentation projects, and the pragmatic impact they have on improving the visibility of the project.

In their session,  Usability Counts, Shalini G and Sandhya Sriram shared some best practices, which can be applied effectively to enhance documentation usability. The session also aimed at discussing why documentation usability is important and how it can make a big, positive impact on the company and, most importantly, on the company’s customers.

The last session was conducted by Archana Narayan on Learnability Testing. Learnability testing is a comprehensive process that tests the instructional strategies used and usability of the course. The learnability testing session focussed on how to remove the obstacles that hinder the learning experience.

The fact that the sessions could be attended via WebEx had enabled more technical communication professionals’ to access and participate in the learning sessions, increasing the reach of the training programs.

The sessions were sponsored by Novell, and Technowrites, who facilitated the WebEx sessions.

STC India Learning Sessions at Pune

Shrirang Gokhale conducted a session on Balance Scorecard on March 19, 2011. The session provided insights into the Balance Scorecard, Fixing Targets and KPIs (Key Performance indicators), a method to achieve targets, add measurement factors to targets, allocate importance, tabulate, plan deployment and review, and much more.

The sessions were sponsored by Technowrites. Outstation participants attended the session using WebEx sponsored again by Technowrites.

STC India Annual Competitions for 2011

STC India Chapter is pleased to announce competitions in Informational Materials, Instructional Materials, Promotional Materials, and User Support Materials this year. It is time for you to display your talent! Exciting prizes await the lucky winners!

Send in your entries to competitions@stc-india.org by April 25, 2011. The Competition rules are available for your reference at: http://www.stc-india.org/2011/03/stc-india-competition-rules/.

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