[Aug 2010] PrezTalk

Used with permission from Anagha Chandratrey. – Michelle Cherian

On behalf of the STC India Admin Council – 2010.

It is the middle of the monsoon season, and the rain with its magical power renews the land and water supplies, thus enabling another lease of life for all of us!

At the centre of a technical communicators professional life, is technical communication, and our annual conference – which we dare to say is a time akin to the monsoon, will be here before we know it. We will have the chance to share and take the community a few more steps forward here in India by participating in this conference.

This year, the city of Delhi beckons us in November. We have received a large number of interesting topics of discussion in the form of workshops and paper proposals. We have many renowned speakers, and a huge audience of students and writers, both newbies and experienced, to meet and learn from, and take the wonder and scope of technical communication – in the form of basics, technical skills, publishing and management tools and techniques, trends in the market, and share the results of our STC India salary survey and give the audience a feel of the market for technical communicators.

For those of you looking for a change in job, there will be many companies looking for technical communicators, above all a wonderful chance to meet and network with others in the community. The workshops we have planned promise to cover a large scope of technical communication and are not restricted to technical writing alone. You will get an insight into other streams of technical communication with workshops on e-learning and corporate communications to name a few.

Our INDUS magazine and the STC portal are excellent areas where you can share your views and showcase your skills. We invite you to use the STC India Network and portal and take a little time to share/blog about what you are doing at your workplace. You will be surprised that what you feel is simple, could actually be ground breaking for someone else. Do participate in our numerous competitions and contests – the one that is running at present is our Adobe sponsored FrameMaker challenge – wonderful prizes await the lucky winners.

Let us continue to participate and grow together, build our community, and be recognized for the pivotal role that we play in our organizations. We look forward to meeting and learning and sharing with you at the 12th STC India annual conference.

About the author:

Michelle Cherian is the STC India Chapter President, and can be contacted via email.

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