[Aug 2010] Learning Sessions

Used with permission from Anagha Chandratrey.The following learning sessions/regional conferences have been conducted in the past few weeks.

Bangalore – July 17

STC India organized a Career Day and Regional Conference on at  The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore‏ on July 17, 2010. This conference included the following:

– Solution Documentation by Hemanth Basrur
– Relevance of Design for Technical Writers by Anupama Gummaraju
– Collaborating with Your SMEs and Customers to Improve the – Quality of Documentation – A walkthrough” by Sebastian
– Simulating the interview process by Vasanth V
– Abracadabra by Preran K
– Tech comm dot next by Sridhar Machani
– Doing the right things: How to be an effective manager by Vinay Babu
– Bagging Customer Projects by Prabheesh Kattambil

Delhi/NCR – July 24

STC India organized a Regional Conference at Oracle, Noida on July 24, 2010. This conference included the following:

– Workshop on Single Sourcing Using the WebWorks ePublisher Platform by Selvakumar
– Session on Power of Mentoring by Roli Sinha on behalf of Management SIG
– Session on Generating Online and Print documentation using Wiki by Suman Lata Malik and Gurpreet Singh
– Workshop on Advanced Presentation Skills & Positive Body Language by Gurpreet Singh on behalf of STC Management SIG

The following learning sessions are scheduled this month:

Hyderabad – August 28

Documentation Accessibility by Gayathri Karanam at C.A Campus

This session introduces accessibility, discusses the current challenges/barriers the end-users face, reviews the business and ethical reasons, and talks about the key considerations to keep in mind while developing accessible documentation.

Chennai – August 28

STC India is organizing a Regional Conference at Quality Inn, Sabari T Nagar in Chennai.

Compiled by Indus co-editor, and Hyderabad city representative Manoj Bokil.