[June 2010] PrezTalk

Prez Talk – Michelle Cherian

As I sit here writing this note for INDUS, I realize that we are already halfway through the year! Time does fly! Our India chapter membership continues to grow slowly, and the interest and participation in the lists and Special Interest Groups as well. It is quite amazing what a small team of dedicated people can achieve with close team work and cooperation. Do make the time to help us achieve more. Do share your ideas with us on how to improve our activities.

We have begun the planning of our annual conference, taken it to Delhi this year, to try and reach out more of the technical communicators in other parts of the country who have never heard of the Society of Technical Communication and what we do. We are trying to make the conference a different type of experience for everyone including our regular attendees.

We have very active Corporate Communications and Usability Special Interest and discussion groups, and the STC India Network to conduct and store all our discussions, blog at our convenience, without having to meet in person. So please do utilize all the facilities that the portal offers you to interact and share knowledge with fellow communicators. We are constantly looking for new ways to help improve this interaction between us more and more. However, many of us will agree that though there is nothing better than face-to-face interaction, webinars and video/conferencing comes in a close second.

We encourage you to participate in the free webinars being offered by companies like Author-IT, and Adobe and we hope to bring you STC webinars soon.

Our aim is to have competitions running through the whole year and not coinciding only with the annual conference, each of these competitions will have attractive prizes, so please come forward to showcase your talent!

We also invite you to come forward to share knowledge as speakers and trainers at our learning sessions and regional conferences. The only way we can build our community is to share with one another. In our busy world, with our full-time jobs and other commitments, it isn’t easy to add something like this to an already hectic schedule. But it truly is a highly rewarding experience!

In the words of Dr. Samuel Pipim, “Why settle for Good when Better is available and BEST is achievable?” We look forward to your continued participation in all our upcoming activities.

About the author:

Michelle Cherian is the STC India Chapter President, and can be contacted via email.
On behalf of the STC India Admin Council – 2010