July-August 2014 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

It is only because of the enthusiasm, dedication, and positive energy of all the technical communicators that this technical communication hub is buzzing with activities that simply accentuates our learning.

Knowledge sharing is pivotal to one’s growth.Thank you to all the contributors of Indus!

Customers must be treated like royalty!Sneha tells you how you can do that in her article, Excellent User Experience.

We know that education precedes progress. Read Upgrade Yourself for Free by Radhika Nair to find out about all the schools and courses that will set you in the path to progress.

Abhijit Paul Choudhury and Ankur Srivastava, in their article, Responsive Web Design for Mobile Devices: Boon for Technical Writers, exemplifies that “the ability to simply means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”.

This month, the vivacious Madhuri Hedge, CEO of Mayflower Language Services, tells the Indus team how important it is to understand that the road to success is only though quality deliverables. Check out Expert Ignite.

Jaya Choudhury got great reviews at the International Conference on Global Software Engineering that was held in Shangai this year where she spoke about, “Software Documentation in a Globally Distributed Environment”.

Read the Prez Talks, where Manisha Khurana sums up all that this vibrant community continues to do to elevate technical communication through learning and sharing.

In our endeavor to reach out to more, we look forward to your contribution. You will hear from us again next month.

Happy Reading!

Indus Team