July-August 2012 Newsletter

Knowing your user can be the key differentiator for your organisation. In this issue we explore usability testing and methods, web content usability and social media.

Rahel Bailie advocates extending usability testing to include content, while Alice Preston tells us how to add usability methods into technical communication. Sandeep Virmani talks about the main aspects of Web content usability that can help users get the right information without wasting time on Web sites that have loads of data.

Social media and social documentation are growing rapidly as a great way to reach out to and engage with your customers. Anne Gentle explains how we can engage with technical content on the social web, while Michael Lykhinin takes a look at social documentation and the future of technical writing.

Also in this issue, Anindita Basu gives us some handy writing tips and Manjula Kandula relates an inspiring story of her journey from bio-chemistry to technical communication in Spotlight. In Prez Talk Naveen D’cruz gives us updates on the STC India conference to be held in Bangalore, as well as the successful learning sessions at Novell and Alcatel-Lucent.

Enjoy reading!

Dolly John
Indus Editor