Nov-Dec 2010 Newsletter

EditorialVolXII, Issue 6

In this last issue of 2010, we bring you a magazine with some reflections and some recollections. Some writers chose to write about their experience at the STC Conference, some other penned their thoughts on the tech writing community itself. What is it that defines us? Makes us what we are? What is it that we look forward to? What is it that we must prepare ourselves for?

Yes, the end of the year is a good time to take stock of all these questions.

I hope each and everyone of you, dear readers, grew a little, learnt something this past year. I hope you tried something new – be it a tool, or a process, or even a technique. I hope you succeeded in some endeavors. For the left-over goals, there is still tomorrow. There is 2011. 🙂

Happy new year readers, and hope the coming year is fulfilling and enriching for all of you.

In this issue, Rufus presents his vision of the future for Indian technical writers.

Tabir breaks down the economics behind the hiring process. Check it out for an insider’s view.

The A-Z of technical writers, brought to you by Anindita – funny and bang on target!

Rachel tells us why Naresh Gupta’s keynote speech at the STC India Annual Conference made an  impact.

Pranav aka Joe Sponge gives us his first-impressions of STC and the STC India Annual Conference.

Of course we have the third and final installment of Makarand’s study.

Don’t miss the  STC announcementsSTC India announcements, the STC India learning sessions and the year-end-special list of STC India volunteers.

As always the STC India chapter President, Michelle Cherian, has a message for you.

– Anagha Chandratrey,

On behalf of the INDUS team.

If you want to write for INDUS, check out the authoring guidelines and send in your articles to the editor.


  1. Thank you, Anagha, for another great issue. I notice that, besides your editorial hat, for this issue you also donned the illustrator hat. You truly deserve the Volunteer of the Year award 🙂 Kudos!

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