Jan-Feb 2010 Newsletter

Vol XII, Issue 1

editorialHello and welcome to a brand new avatar of INDUS! Sridhar our publisher and the STC India portal webmaster tells you more about this transition. Do make sure you leave comments and suggestions.

Other articles in this issue are:

  • Makarand Pandit and Gyanesh Talwar’s conclusions from the survey they conducted on the academic requirements of technical writers.
  • Rajdeep Gupta tells us about his experiences as a veteran STC Conference enthusiast.
  • Deepa Gopalakrishnan lists tips to share with SMEs for successful Knowledge Transfer.
  • Udita Banerjee, one of the youngest technical writers around, provides a fresh perspective from her month long experience as a tech writer!
  • Robert Raymond contemplates the problems of large legacy documents and fixing them.
  • Anindita Basu wishes for Documentation version 2.0!
  • In this edition, we have some new illustrations created exclusively for INDUS by Aditi Barve. In her own words, “Aditi doodles with a passion and her best works are produced during long meetings and boring conferences. She blogs sporadically at http://ginglyform.blogspot.com. She accepts quirky assignments and undercover missions.” Do check out her blog.

    Make sure you check out the STC announcements and the long list of STC India announcements – the new council sure plans on staying busy! 🙂

    The learning sessions have begun is full swing – check out the upcoming sessions.

    STC India President Michelle Cherian has a special message for you.

    If you want to write for INDUS, check out the authoring guidelines and send in your articles to the editor.

    ~ Anagha Chandratrey.
    On behalf of the INDUS team.


    1. Hi Anagha,
      Thank you for getting in the new interface… I would like to add a precaution here… the introductory line of a topic is starting right after the name of the author… there should be a line break or a full-stop…

      Thanks and ALL The BEST…


    2. Thanks for pointing that out Naveen. We’ll fix that in the next issue. 🙂

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