Aug-Sep 2009 Newsletter

Vol XI, Issue 4

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In this issue, we have:

  • B S Gururaj asking us which one has that slight edge – content or tools?
  • Sharada Palagummi urging us to differentiate between information and knowledge.
  • Sridhar Machani sharing tips on handling the document review process.
  • Anne Sequeira sharing her experience about writing her first DITA topic.
  • Uma Sastry concluding her two-part series on Articles.
  • Hemanth Basrur showing how lateral thinking led him to find a different use for a software testing application.
  • Virupaksha Math talking about his idea that lets users get a look and feel of a physical product without even setting their eyes on the product.
  • Sandeep B tracing the evolution of some of the words we use in our daily work life.

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And, as always, the President has a special message for you.

– Anindita Basu, editor
on behalf of the INDUS team