September-October 2012 Newsletter

What does the user really need as part of documentation? How do we give them only what is relevant to be able to do their job effectively? Documentation has moved away from being just another requirement to be taken care of before a release. Our success as technical communicators will largely depend on how we adapt, collaborate and innovate, while using the ever-changing technologies available to reach out to users.

In this issue Sai Kavitha K tells us how we can collaborate effectively, given the changing dynamics in user and stakeholder engagement. Much like movies on demand, dynamic publishing allows you to get the content that you want, when you want it, and in the format and language required. MaryLee Grant explains how dynamic publishing can hugely improve customer experience.

With the unprecedented growth of the Internet, better bandwidth and multiple devices have enabled a video boom. Amulya Suraj and Athulya Sekhar explain just what this means for technical communication and how we can use videos to reach out to users.

In this issue, we give you a glimpse into Jaya Choudhury’s many talents in Unwind. Also, meet Parag Goel in Spotlight. In Prez Talk Naveen D’cruz highlights the events lined up for the STC India Pre-conference as well as the main conference in Bangalore this year.

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Dolly John

Indus Editor

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