Sep-Oct 2010 Newsletter

EditorialVolXII, Issue 5

Let’s keep this short and sweet this time, shall we? For one, there are a lot of good articles in this issue. For another, I’m sure you’re all busy with preparations for the annual STC India conference in New Delhi. Capital! – as Lord Emsworth would say, I am sure. Last and not the least, the holiday season is in full swing. Here’s wishing you all happy holidays. Hope joy and good luck follow you everywhere you go.

In this issue, Mugdha makes a very important point about making your documents accessible to everyone.

We have an article by INDUS task force member Ashish, that shows you how to extract your content from a PDF if you need to reformat it.

Vishesh tells us how xml helps keep it straight and simple.

Makarand’s study of estimation, that we started reading about in the previous issue, is continued in this issue of INDUS.

Kumar Dhanagopal writes about the art of documenting instructions.

Prabu has some career advice, if you are wondering how to widen your horizons.

Ugur Akinci shares some insight on making your documents relevant to international readers.

Prasanna has an interesting piece that briefly traverses the history of the tools we use.

And finally Sumedh Nene provides answers to some oft-repeated questions about job-hunting in Canada.

Don’t miss the STC announcementsSTC India announcements, and the STC India learning sessions.

The STC India chapter President, Michelle Cherian, has a message for you.

The illustrations by Mallika Yelandur, Nirupama Singh, and Vishesh Gupta are exclusive to Indus.

– Anagha Chandratrey,
On behalf of the INDUS team.

If you want to write for INDUS, check out the authoring guidelines and send in your articles to the editor before the 01st of Dec, 2010.

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